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Server Speed Test

Anonyproz operates servers on shared 100Mbps speed ports. Please note that the speed of our server at any point in time depends on your location from the server, number of hops between you and the server and current network load. Hence it is strongly recommended that you test all the servers and see which one offers the best speed for you which is basically a measure on how fast data can be transfered between your computer and our servers.

To make this easy, we have developed a speed checker program. This program is currently only available for Windows users. However, if you are a non-Windows users, you can request for a download link to download a test file from our servers. Using the speed checker program, you will be able to check the download speed of all our servers from your current location and at the end of the test, the program will automatically suggest the fastest server for you. The speed checker program can be downloaded from the link below:

Download Speed Checker Program (Windows)

To begin the test, simply click the 'START' button and you can use the 'REFRESH' button if you need to recheck the speed again later After running the tests you will be presented with the speed/Ping values and a bar graph.

Important: Please note that when connected to OpenVPN, the actual speed will be less than your normal internet speed due to encryption and latency related issues.

Click here to read our guide on how to improve OpenVPN connection speed.

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